MG White Silk 20 – 30 g/m²

MG White Silk is wrapping paper made from recycled paper. It can be produced in weights ranging from 20 to 30 g/m². The paper is white in colour.

Depending on customer’s desire, it is supplied in rolls or sheets. The minimum roll width is 300 mm, Ø1000mm, tube 76mm.

Standard dimensions for cutting sheet are:

  • 375x500 mm
  • 500x750 mm
  • 750x1000 mm

Sheets can be packaged in 10 kg, 12.5 kg and 25 kg packs, on 700 kg EUR pallets. Pallets are secured with PET stretch wrap film and tape.

The dimensions are standard. It is possible to produce other non-standard formats according to customer specifications.